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1999 Resources has been set up to collect and store information, articles, links and images about the Science Fantasy Wargame "1999" released by Cell Entertainment.

Every so often a game comes along which steps outside the bounds of the run of the mill dross and becomes a real force in the wargames arena. Confrontation did it, as has Warmachine, 1999 could have done the same.

The game is set in a Europe which deviated from our history after WW1. Diabolic scientists battle to create the ultimate biological weapons, genetically engineered soldiers fight savage and merciless battles, the Catholic Church revives the fundamentalism and repression of the Inquisition and as for everyone else, well,.......they struggle just for the right to exist.

The background is fascinating, and in a twisted way frighteningly plausible. This is not some far away planet or make believe world, this is Earth, as it could have been.

The game features an innovative rule system set at small scale skirmish level, a dozen or so figures being all that is required for a game. The models are superb; wonderful, yet very disturbing, each of the 3 forces having a very distinctive look and feel.

The game "disappeared" virtually as soon as it was launched because the company that made it; Cell Entertainment from Sweden went bust. So it remains unknown to the majority of games players, the figures still around being sold as remainders and discontinued lines in shops or used for conversions and alternates in more well known games.

This site is an attempt to pull together what information there is about the game, to raise awareness and just hopefully ignite, somewhere, a chance that we may yet see it return.

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