Alex in Alaska's miniatures!
Ice Art pictures! | 2008-04-10 05:15:43
 I added some pictures from the world ice art championships (2008) to the gallery.  Comments are welcome.  For those of you who don't know, I live in Fairbanks, Alaska (pretty much right in the center of the state)... yeah, we have so much ice here in the winter, that we get all artistic with it...
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HA! | 2007-03-14 09:01:52

Yeah, sure, I'll be adding pictures "soon"!  Only took me two and a half years to get around to it... heh...

Oh, well, I'll try to get more pictures here "soon" again, most likely more of my Wargods of Aegyptus stuff, since that's been my main gaming interest for the last several years.

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Hello! | 2005-04-12 05:55:04

Well, Hello!  This isn't so much news as it is a chance for me to say hello and thanks for this very cool website!

I have many pictures of minis lying around my computer, and I'll be posting some of them here very soon.


-Alex in Alaska

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Seegnature?? We don't need no steenking seegnature!