BigRedBat's Minis

About BigRedBat

I'm a London based wargamer, with a passion for 28mm ancient and fantasy figures, especially any wearing red; Romans, Spartans and Lunars are all fair game! 

I play, most weeks, with a small group of friends in North London's smallest wargames club, Muswell Militia.  Recently we've been playing a lot of hex-based miniatures games based on Richard Borg's "Command and Colors, Ancients" system (also WW2 using Memoir '44).  Sometimes we play boardgames.  Occasionally Ian lets us win!  ;-)

I'm a competent painter, but slow; so I buy a lot of painted minis and base them to match, in order to get armies on the table.  I'm lucky enough to know a couple of really great painters, one of whom is wayyyy better than me.

Alternate years we put on a fantasy game at Salute; my "tag" is derived from a large model of the Crimson Bat that is used in the games.