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About Bluewillow

I live in the City of Goulburn NSW Australia, I coordinate the goulburn Wargames club which meets once a month at the local Goulburn Soldiers Club. As a forty something  gamer I  dedicate a lot of time and money to my favourite hobby wargaming. I almost exclusivly game in 28mm, I build all of my own terrain, buildings, hedges, trees and roads etc.

This site is dedicated to my finished and partly finnished wargame minis, I currently play most rulesets and own finished and partly finnished armies for the following periods:-

Napoleonics (my favourite period and largest) in 28mm I use "In the Grand Manner" and General de Brigade rules and a modified "Brother against Brother", currently most of the army is being rebased and retouched.

WW2 (my next favourite) 20mm rapid fire German 15th Panzer Grenadier division for Italy Herman Goring and Luftwaffe feild divisions for West front, along with a few other Kampfgruppes,  current interest is  French 1940 and Belgians.

Seven Years War and American war of Independence, British, American and French and Imagi-nation Skanderberg. We use three sets Jonny Tremain and British Grenadier and Might and reason.

ACW confederate western theartre. We use  JR3 and "Brother against Brother"

"WAB" Republican romans, Celts, Imperial romans, Successsors, Sassanids, late Romans and Babylonians for Chariot Wars.

"Sheildwall" Normans and Vikings

"Age of Chivalry" War of the roses and baron wars/3rd Crusades

WW1 aircraft "flight of fokkers" 1/72 scale

"WECW" Royalist and Scots.

Malburian French under construction for GDB variant.

Pulp and Wild West 28mm

Fantasy Lord of the rings, bloodbowl and 40K are my sons, I painted them, and bought them.........




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