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May 2008 | 2008-06-12 03:21:16

Well May  was very busy,

 finnished a 20mm Russian Army commission which I really enjoyed along with some 100yrs war and early medieval cav for another client.

Still painting my 7YW stuff and making some more terrain, hope to start the demo table in June. Had a cracker of a ACW game down at the club for our may club meet. June is also the month of our club's "kingmaker" WAB sheildwall tournament, my Vikings which are almost complete, will be blooded for the first time and hopefully perform better than my normans did last year.

Also building some armour, swords and sheilds for a local theartre company for Macbeth, so my workshop currently looks like a armoury, about twelve sheilds and 15 swords need to be completed along with two chainmail coifs and two sets of leather armour, hopefully i will have them complete for the June 11th start.

Now back to normal programming




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