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Shame on me. | 2007-07-04 12:55:08
 Aargh, I completely forgot about my dozens of promises I made here a quarter of a year ago now.

As usual everything changed from my last post here - the Starship Troopers Arachnids wandered into the downs of my basement - there are no opponents (or freaks like me) in my city to play with.

I painted 4 Austrians, after I discovered that Games Workshops Shadow Grey perfectly matches hechtgrau, but this project also went down (Well, I got an opponent, but hes to lazy to paint even one mini....)

My BEF Gallery is still un-updated, as you might find out easily.

You may ask now "So what the heck is wrong with this guyω Cant he even finish one projectω"

Well, I am very close to finish my latest project - a 1500 point Flames of War Soviet Tankovy Batalon - I just have to paint 14 more Infantry Teams, 2 Katyushas with crew and 6 T-70s. Thats almost finished for my standard, if you know, that my battleforce consists of 22 Infantry Teams, 4 Katys, 6 T-34s and 7 T-70s. Hooray!
Im going to post some Pics of my first finished company (T-34s) this evening. Yeah, really!

See you.

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