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As time goes by... | 2007-03-29 21:54:15
 To me. it seems like ages since my last update - Many things have changed since the last time I posted here.
  • I started a Starship Troopers - The Miniatures Game Arachnid force and settled down for the generic movie scheme, as usual, IŽll put some pics on in the near future.
  • Furthermore, the Old West caught another victim - and the victims name is me (If you get this one, youŽre really good ;) ). I got some posses from Black Scorpion miniatures ( their Tombstone series is really impressive and, in my opinion, matches the new Foundry WW-Series) and I got some bystanders (no Saloon is complete without the boozer and a soiled dove) from Foundry.
  • Soon (the weekend after next) IŽm going to remake my BEF-Gallery, since I finished 3 complete units, some cavalrymen and another field gun.
  • I nearly forgot , I also got me some austrians from Renegade and Brigade Games, sadly enough, the Brigade Minis donŽt match the Renegades - they are in a completly different style than the Renegades. Well, whatever, as soon as I get acryls that are Hechtgrau ( pike - grey ), IŽll start painting them.

So many projects, so little time ( well, actually today will be my last working day at university, holiday is coming) .
Cya and Ftaghn!
( If you happen to know what Ftaghn! means, you may enjoy this one: Click me )

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