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About Bullshott

Welcome to the wierd world of Sir Henry Bullshott

Hi, I\'m Dave and I\'m addicted to painting lead. There - that wasn\'t too hard to admit - so now lets move onto a bit about what I like painting and my influences. I have been wargaming since the early 1970\'s when I started with Airfix figures.

My main interests now are \'Victorian\'  and \'colonial\' wargaming, especially skirmishes, from 18th century North America to WW1 East Africa, which in turn led me to playing Victorian Science Fiction (VSF) games. I love these games as they allow me to play my favourtite period but also indulge in some seriously wierd modelling projects

BTW - Sir Henry Bullshott is a Victorian mechanical genius who features in some of our games. You will meet him and some of his creations in my galleries.