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About CaptHugeCA

I  live in Didcot, Oxfordshire.

I\'ve been painting figures for nearly 40 years. 

I wargame Hordes of the Things in 15mm and do a bit of Pulp and Fantasy skirmish in 28mm.  The rest of the figure you see have been sold on eBay or are on offer if you\'re interested.

When it comes to painting I\'m a bit of a cheap-skate. I don\'t go in for these expensive paints sold by some figure manufacturers. Instead I use "Anita\'s All Purpose Acrylics" which at 99p in the UK for a 59ml bottle are so much cheaper for much more. I also find that the translucent nature of the paint allows the black undercoat to show through to aid the shading and by using several thin coats of the same colour you can build up very subtle colouring. I know that other painters won\'t go near them but they work for me.

I\'m pleased to say that I\'ve finally sussed out how to photograph figures so my pictures will be improving.



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