Some Concoctions of an antiquated, corpulant, paterfamilias

About Colonel_Hairy_Haggis
My web handle is Colonel Hairy Haggis. My name in the mundane world is Bill Landrum. In my bromidic, day to day, I work as an Orthodontic Dental Lab Tech. In my working career, I have been many things, but right now I resign myself to my lab work. I dabble in the arts field though as a musician, painter, and sculptor. As a musician I play in a Celtic band called ?SILVER ROSE?.I play the tin whistle, flute, ocarina, Jew?s harp, bones, spoons, squeeze box, and last but not least, the bodhran. But I play the fool the best! As a painter, I have painted sides of buildings to canvas, to little army men. In this regard I am no great Leonardo Da Vinci (more like Salvador Dali !) but my work is passable if you don?t look to hard. As a sculptor I have mostly worked for the pleasure of myself and a few friends. Though some of my work is now being produced by a few companies. Soon I will launch a line of parts for VSF scratch builders, with a few model kits thrown in for good measure. There?s not much else to tell, I?ve been married to the same beauty for 28 years. She has given me four wonderful children, two boys, and two girls, though Megan has left this plain and crossed through the veil of tears. I have a son by my first wife too, so Valli and I have raised four Great kids. We live in the North Western most portion of South Carolina. Travelers Rest is a neat little township on the edge of Greenville County. I have been ?war gaming? with miniatures since 1959. With a formal group since 1972. I can truly say I have gamed with some of the giants in war gaming. Larry Brom and Craig Taylor jump to the front of the list. I met Tony Stubblefield, my best friend, over a gaming table in 1972. We are still best friends! I went to my first war game con in Ann Arbor, Michigan In 1978. Then to Histricon in 1980 there have been many since then and I hope many more to come. I have played with many armies over the years but my main interests at the moment are Victorian Science Fiction, and Colonial conflicts, World War One aerial Combat, really any aerial combat captures my attention. 15mm ACW and Napoleonics as well as WW2 still call me to the table to game. I ran a gaming club all most every Saturday for 12 years. The Palmetto State Wargaming Society now meets at Borderlands Comics, in Greenville, SC. I game when my health allows. That?s about it. If you?ve read to here you must be bored to tears. But if you?re ever in Greenville stop by Borderlands and let?s game! As always at your service, Colonel Hairy Haggis
I'd hate ta be kilt fer th' lack o' shootn' back !