Will Paint For Food Productions

Rated R for Violence, nudity, profanity and adult content. (Director's Cut)

About Combatpainter


Rated X for violence, profanity and some mild nudity.   (Director's Cut) No one under 17 will be admitted without a parent or guardian.

Love to paint and learn from other painters.  I paint miniatures for museums, entertainment industry and schools. Early on I taught history. I am a lifelong Yankee fan. I have two kids and an SUV. I really love the horror movies. Halloween is my favorite holiday. I enjoy practical jokes.  Try and get out everyday to do some exercise. I work as a painter for hire. You pay me and I take care of your lead. My passion is painting models from as many manufacturers as possible. I have been doing it since 1995. Some I prefer over others. Lately, I really enjoy painting Bob Murch's Pulp work. These are wonderful models. I recommend these.  I sell on Ebay. Go to my site and learn more about me at http:// Combatpainter.com   I don't really collect. I buy, paint and sell. Yet, I still have a huge collection. SO I guess I am a collector after all. I am originally from Spain but was raised in NYC.  I moved to Florida in 2000. I now reside in Southwest Texas. This is the most interesting and enjoyable time I have ever had to date. I visit the cons whenever possible but not as much as before. This year I believe I will be at Cold Wars in PA and Recon in Florida.   Hobby helps to keep me sane.  Love to talk painting. Can do it for hours. Regards and hope to see you soon.