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New Year, More Projects! | 2008-01-02 01:01:46
 Okay, first Iron Ivan Games is releasing a series of Campaign Books for their already popular rulesets with the first being ¡Atacar es Vencer! or "To Attack is to Win" which is 12 scenarios recreating Franco's March on Madrid in 1936.  The Campaign Events and Victory Point scoring system evolve your forces from game to game while providing an infinite variety of outcomes for replay.  Forces are set at Platoon level of about 30 men each with a tank or AFV.  Lots of fun stuff for SCW fans and also I made a Battle Gallery Spanish Civil War book which is inspired by the Campaign book, it can be downloaded for free here:

Black Prince and the Sea Devils are done!  Pictures soon of my Decima Mas RSI Platoon will be appearing in the Anzio Project Gallery.  Very nasty guys, all decked out with Berettas and refusing to capitulate.  Borghese's force was the only Italian Armed Force that did not capitulate AND remained autonomous from German control.  A very interesting army.  My force will have a few pieces of armor, although the Barbarigo Division did not have armor at Anzio, it's okay, it's a GAME :).

Also Vikings are finished!  Pictures soon in my Dark Ages gallery.  I rarely paint anything without a firearm so these are a change of pace.  The club is using Songs of Blades and Heroes run by our very own Jarl, Al.

His sight is here:

So now I'm focused on finishing my Arnhem project which means British para artillery teams that are almost done and then moving into my 9th SS.  I'm actually almost done with their armor so next is the nitty gritty of painting over 40 truppen in autumn pea dot camo, god help me...

After that is done it will be back to Spain with Moros and then either USMC for WW2 or some of my neglected Rif War stuff.

Happy New Year!

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