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Market Garden Wrapping up | 2008-01-13 02:29:39
 Almost finished with my Artizan British Para Gun crews, pics forthcoming.  Now on the table are 9th SS using Bolt Action Miniatures.  I'm going to be using the Pea-Dot camo pattern and using the excellent Artizan guide to aid me:

These will be a real challenge.  I'm going to be trying to mix up the uniforms of my SS so that they take on a real ad hoc look for the Late War.

Armor.  My 9th SS armor will be a mixture of KHI miniatures as well as quite a few models from Bolt Action and Chieftain Models.  I have Graebner's command Humber finished but want to add a Bolt Action Panzer Commander for Graebner himself.

Also in the works some henchmen for my Supersystem villains.

Next for the bench will be Spanish Civil War Moros by both Anglian Miniatures and Force of Arms.


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