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Cold Wars 2008 Countdown | 2008-02-16 23:51:53
 Okay, getting all the stuff done for the Cold Wars games I'm hosting with our club the Northern Lancaster Wargamers:

We will have dedicated space with the other local gaming club, The Susquehanna Wargamers.

I will be running a couple WW2 games centered around our Arnhem Campaign that our Club ran as well as a 1980's Afghanistan game and two Spanish Civil War games one of which is a scenario from the ¡Atacar es Vencer! Iron Ivan Games Campaign book:

Currently I finished two more 54mm Gladiators that will be up soon and I'm right now painting my way through a camo hell of Bolt Action SS.  In my quest for painting creds I've decided that in order to do a proper late war SS platoon I need to mix the patterns so some of my Hohenstaufen are being done in Pea Dot and some are being done in Oak Leaf.  After this I plan to never paint camo least for a few years :)

After this it is Spanish Cavalry and Moroccans followed by USMC for WW2.
More to come...


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