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No more Camo for at least a year! | 2008-03-23 19:43:21
 9th SS Hohenstaufen is FINISHED!  Pictures will be in the Arnhem gallery shortly.  This was by far one of my most ambitious projects and the Botl Action Miniatures that I used were some of the best figures I have seen.  I can't recommend them enough!

Next up on my paint bench are 78th Highlanders for the French and Indian War.  Our Club is planning on running a few FIW games at Historicon using modified "This Very Ground" rules from Iron Ivan Games.  More to come.

After, in the middle of, etc will be more Spanish Civil War miniatures for the ¡ATACAD! Spanish Civil War Convention this August.  I have a platoon of Nationalist Cavalry to paint and some Peninsular Army forces.


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