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Born, grew up, marriage, kids, blah blah, blablah blah blah.

More importantly I've been painting little lead toy soldiers since about 1982 but only started paying attention to what I was doing fairly recently. These miniatures comprise my Barbarian Army for the Fantasy Warriors tabletop wargame. If you would like more info on Fantasy Warriors then go to http://fantasywarriors.frothersunite.com.  As much as I would love to claim that all of these figures were painted by myself, three units shown here, the Alternative Armies Bodyguard, spearmen and swordsmen, were painted by a friend, Roger Barnet, while the grenadier barbarians were painted by his brother Stef (I hope your enjoying Oz Stef). Everything else is amateurishly painted by yours truly. Comments are welcome. Be gentle with me.

Roy Duffy


This is me with my youngest, Eliza, in Feb 04.