About Eriksson

This is my page, End of story.

Well where to start? I began poisoning this god forsaken land called Sweden 'bout 16 years ago. 

My adventures with mini's began about 4 years ago when I bought my first box of Catachan jungle fighters. Not knowing what I was doing I assembled them with Poly cement and painted them without undercoat or Flash removing. The results where Horrible...

Now my painting skills are much better, however I still have a looong way to go...

I'm studying IT at John Bauer upper secondary school (Gymnasiet in swedish) and my grades are far from bad (exept math, don't tell anyone!). I've got plenty of good friends, some which are into the miniature hobby and some that aren't.

I've been gaming seriously for about a year now and I'm very much into Warhammer fantasy where I now have a full (but not fully painted) empire army. And i've resently began playing WW2 games where I own a full platoon of british airborn. And i'm also about to start a Warmaster army, a new empire army, a small army of Dwarfs for warhammer, WH40k Space marines, LoTR Gondorians etc. etc. 

Interests: Painting mini's (doh), Japanese anime, Computer games, Movies, Music, Role playing games and I'm also into bondage (well, that one was not intended...).

Dislikes: All sorts of fish, ruining a good paintjob, malfunctioning vending machines and those things called "small dogs".

(I will add a picture of myself soon)