Painted Miniatures and Games

About Flashman14
1970: I am born. 1975ish: Saw my first Airfix figures. 1979ish: Bought my first Airfix Waterloo Prussian infantry! Bought also 15mm D&D figs from Grenadier, Ral Partha and others. Rudimentary painting begins with Testors, no priming or basing, no highlighting or shading -pop eyes the norm. 1982ish: Bought my first 15mm miniatures: Napoleonettes, soon after Minifigs Wars of the Roses, then Medievals. Block painting still the main method - no primer, rudimentary basing. 1988ish: First started using serious techniques for painting 15mm Essex ACW. Dry brushing, washes, etc. Solid Wargames standard achieved. Horse and Musket periods comprise the main interest. Early 1990's: 15mm collection explodes: ACW, Colonials, more Napoleonics. Painting improves dramatically. Golden years of gaming with whole armies. Late 1990's: Collection continues to grow in size and painting gets to Collector's standard. 2000: Pick up my first White Dwarf in many years and read my first 'eavy Metal article. World is shaken upside down. Start collecting 25's 28's from all over. Fantasy miniatures displace for a time Historical ones but the painting gets even better as I devour White Dwarfs like mad. Today: CMON, White Dwarf and a multitude of other resources provide tons of inspiration. Painting is better than it's ever been and the collection keeps growing in both 15mm and 25/28mm. All genres with an increasing emphasis in large skirmish games. Tomorrow: Vision loss and arthritis. 54mm dipping?? Who knows? Today I remain in the camp of "The look of the thing IS the thing" (though not at the expense of fun and today it still is that: fun!)