Gelon's Miniatures

About Gelon
Hi and thank you for take a look into my little gallery. I've started playing tabletops 5 years ago. After gaining some expirience by playing WHFB (a litte dwarf, goblin and an imperial army), I desired to change the tabletop- LotR seemed perfect for me because of it's skirmish system (I am not a quick painter...and a litte army with 500 points is painted quicker than the 2000-points-standard-WHFB-army...). I don't remember the date, when I saw the wonderful Foundry miniatures- I am huge historical fan, and because of my knowledge of WHFB, I thought WAB was the best way for my new start in this area of playing tabletops. I hope you enjoy my miniatures, even if there aren't the best.