About Graf_Aujeszky

I´ve been gaming with minatures for 30 years now in the beginning with WW2 models by Matchbox, ESCI and Airfix.

The hobby really took up momentum when I discovered plastic 20mm Napoleonics and later on fantasy metal miniatures in the 80ies.

It all came together with my first real set of wargames rules: 6th edition by WRG.

With moving around, meeting more and more fellow gaming gentlemen, I became involved in more and more games.

By now my collection and my interests are widespread, but unfortunately time is too limited to give each system the attention it deserves.

15 mm DBX (mostly ancient Armies, few Medievals), 15 mm HotT, 6 mm Napoleon´s Battles, 15 mm Age of Eagles/Shako, Trafalgar 1:1200, 28 mm LotoW, 1:300 Canvas Eagles/Blue Max, 15 mm Spanish Civil War, 15 mm WW2 (Crossfire and PBI), 20 mm Vietnam War (Vietnam Crossfire), Full Thrust 2, Dirtside 2 ...

I am located in Mainz, Germany; Member of the Münsterland Wargamers, the tiny-soldiers.com forum and the sweetwater.de forum