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Germans, loads of 'em! | 2007-02-08 05:21:21
 I have put some pictures of the 15mm and 25mm Germans I have painted up.  They will all end up on ebay as I prefer the Bolt Action Germans now for 25mm and I have decided against getting into Flames of War, basically I don't like 40k!
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15mm Luftwaffe Field Company added | 2006-12-31 11:02:37
 It's been a while since I added any, so I promise to try harder next year.
I have added a new folder with pictures of my Luftwaffe Field Company for PBI.  Early next year I will add more photo's that I have been meaning to add for a while.

Happy New Year and catch you all then.
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LotR and 15mm WW2 | 2006-04-27 04:48:19
 I have added some new pictures to the Lord of the Rings and "new" 15mm WW2 folders.  I am currently trying to get myself back into painting again as I have just lost interest in the last month or so.  :-(
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More pictures | 2006-03-31 05:44:39
 I have added pictures to the lotR, Modern and WW2 folders.
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