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About Grimm
football.JPGHello Everybody,
I´m coming from Hamburg (Germany) I´m 33years old and playing Wargames and collesting Miniatures over the last 20 years.
Back in the 80th i buy my first set of Minatures it was the D&D Adventures et from Citadell we use a lot of Miniatures for roleplaying Games.
After a while we buy the first Rules from 40K,the old Rougetrader, but we didn´t manage to play because we are to young and not familar with English Rules then came Space Hulk and all things changes.
The Rules are simpeland you need nothing more then the Starter Box, we play a lot of weekends (greetings to my long gone companion Götz,Phillip,Endlein and Wolf never forget these Times !)
Over the years i buy a lot of Miniatures, Rules an of causepaints. Iwork about 10 years in a local Hobby Store and play millions of Games and it loks like that it never ends !
My favorit Modeller are Copplestone not about his Skills but of his Ranges (Back of B, Pulp and the old Babarians), the Perry Twins and i like the Woodland Indians from Conquest:
I´m married have no children (i need my Mini´s for myself ;-)  )and two Cats they are something like King Kong for my Mini´s and i must always take a eye of them.
In the short time between my Job and Painting, i playing Games mostly Live Roleplaying / Roleplaying or Computer games. I´m also interestet in Punk and Rock´a´ Billy Music i have playing a long time in local Rock´a´Billy Bands.
Sins a year i´m in a Gaming Club in Hamburg we meet us every Thursday and playing some demogames nd campagnes it´s my favorit Day in the Week.
So thats everything about me.
Have fun with displacedminiatures and