Hacksaw's Munitions-Grade Painted Miniatures

About Hacksaw
Hacksaw has been painting since 2000, and is still a munitions-grade painter. He has won some local competitions but it is rumoured that he used bribery and/or blackmail to accomplish these feats. Being the only entrant a couple times didn't hurt, either.

Hacksaw is married with seventeen children, a llama, and a weasel, and resides in Skokie, Illinois. He is currently employed by a local fast-food chain, where he supervises the buying of meats from several suppliers. His biggest client is the State Highway Department.

His philosophy of life is simple - "Like most gamers, I buy miniatures that I will never paint for the same reason that dogs chase cars they will never drive."

None of the above is actually true, except the painting bit. And the philosophy bit. Mostly I just wanted to fill some space on the page. Thanks for reading this far, but its not worth any S&H Green Points. Sorry.

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