Good God! They are coming in thousands.

                    John Beckett, 7 June 1864, Gate Pa, New Zealand

About Haphazard

Hi my name is Scott, and these are a few of the miniatures and models that i've managed to collect since I got back into the hobby in 2004.

I first started gaming 24 years ago and played quite regular for a good ten years. Other things then came up and I sold everything, dissappeared overseas for a while and had a break from the hobby for a dozen years. So have just discovered the hobby again.

Am currently gaming and painting WW2, WW1 and Russian Civil War, but am pretty much interested in most periods and am thinking of trying my hand at ECW and Colonial Africa next.

Started with Flames of War in 2004, but am starting to get tired of it as i'm more inclined towards 28mm. Me and a few friends at the club are currently playing Platoon Commander(WW2 skirmish) and Contemptible Little Armies, both great sets of rules.

Probably the only real influence on me in regards to wargamming is my uncle Donald, who when I was a young boy would let me play with his very well looked after and prized orginal Airfix WW1 plastic soldiers (French, Germans, British and Americans), it's a pity the new Airfix figures just aren't of the same standard.......