The Astounding World of Howard Whitehouse

About Howard Whitehouse


I've been a wargamer since 1970, when I was twelve. That year Airfix released their Waterloo era 1/72nd plastic figures, and the film 'Waterloo'  came out. It became instantly clear that I could no longer live with the unpainted, mostly khaki and grey plastic figures that had fought World Wars One and Two over my parents' living room carpet. I had to paint these figures in full colour!

So my father and I bought some paint and brushes, and I started. I rather imagined that I'd get three boxes fo figures painted in one afternoon. I was wrong, of course, and the results were pretty questionable. But , all the same, I had a new hobby. I've been at it ever since.

 I am willing to wear a gorilla suit, but refuse to work with mimes under an circumstances. I do all my own stunts.

"BRUSHES WITH DANGER!" is the name of my one man figure painting/custom scenery  operation. I'm not as good as those fantastic German painters, but I charge about a third of what they do. I'm not as cheap as those Sri Lankan painters, but I won't paint your WWII Russians in lime green, either.  I generally know how things ought to look, and if I don't, I know how to research. I'll get your stuff back to you in 6 -8 weeks unless I tell you otherwise.

I have a stable of regular customers who keep coming back to me, but I always have room for one or two more. I don't mind where you live -- I know how to pack a parcel safely, and send it in a sensible, keep-the-cost-down way.

If you are interested in scenery, buildings or nicely painted figures, contact me via Displaced Miniatures  or at I don't think you'll regret it.

I do all my own stunts!