Table Top Mayhem
June Info | 2005-06-08 07:08:18

Hello All,

Well due to some major work stress and home building needs, I have been too busy to do much of anything lately, but I recently purchased some of Hasslefree Miniatures Grymns, as I wanted to see how they look "in the flesh" and was so impressed with the quality of the miniatures asd the service that I recieved that I promptly ordered another pack...

The first set I based on washers to be able to carry them around in my minis boxes with the magnetic stripes to hold them steady. For the second set, with which I wanted to use the well made jump packs, I decided that I would use some better styled bases, as I have six of the bases from Farnvale Speciality Scenics in my "hold on to it for a special model" bits box, I decided to actually use them... So I added a bit of plastic and lead bits for "effect" and was really pleased with the effects...

To sum it up, I will order more Scenic bases from FSS and more Grymns from Hasslefree miniatures.


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