Knitemare Minis
Huckster Added | 2005-09-05 16:22:42
 Mostly finished painting my first mini today.  I thought I did really well for not having painting anything at all in the last 10 years, but when I saw the images with the flash on I was kind of disappointed.  Obviously it needs to be based and sealed, but the flash brought out errors I wasn't able to see in the light I was working in.  I might have to invest in a high wattage bulb for my desk lamp.

Honestly, though there isn't a ton of detail, I'm happy I got it done.  The Deadlands Huckster is an awesome 30mm mini and I was pretty excited to paint him.  If I keep doing this for another 5 years I'm sure I'll look back and laugh, but at least I'm painting again.

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