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More mini's added to galleries | 2005-11-22 20:02:41

Lots of new minis in the Hasslefree gallery including...

Grant the Zombie hunter

 http://www.displacedminiatures.com/Lonewolf/image.aspx?image_id=8170&from=Hasslefree Minatures

Jess Female zombie hunter

http://www.displacedminiatures.com/Lonewolf/image.aspx?image_id=8169&from=Hasslefree Minatures

Ashlee Redux (yes she's back again with a new paintjob)


Zombie Ashlee

http://www.displacedminiatures.com/Lonewolf/image.aspx?image_id=8514&from=Hasslefree Minatures

Alyx (or "No-one touches MY bear!)


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