Maksim-Smelchak's Miniatures Extravaganza!

About Maksim-Smelchak

I'm just a happy-go-lucky guy who isn't always so happy or lucky, BUT I try!

I keep a well-known blog here:

And a Photobucket gallery here:

And while I'm best known for being a 6mm gamer, I enjoy many different kinds of games including ancients, Napoleonics, WWI, WWII, the Arab-Israeli conflict, Car Wars AKA Autoduel (a sort of crash'n'derby automobile combat game), 6mm Godzilla AKA Kaiju games, and science fiction games. Most of my miniatures collection is 6mm although I also own some 10mm, 15mm, 20mm, and 28mm. My favorite genres tend to be: sci-fi, fantasy, AIW (Arab-Israeli Wars) and Godzilla AKA kaiju games.

I'm open to everything though!

Maksim-Smelchak's Miniatures Extravaganza!