Small Warriors

About Markus

I started painting my first miniatures more than 20 years ago. I have recently found some of these miniatures in a box after moving into a new home. Needless to say, that they look horrible. But I will put one or two pictures of them in my gallery just for a little "nostalgie" touch. ;-)

I started painting again sporadically a few years ago and increased the time spend on that hobby in the past few months. Compared to the minis from the past, I developed some skills in painting by now, although I am far away from being "perfect".

The first miniatures I painted while my "comeback" where some Warhammer dwarves and some Reaper minis for roleplaying. In the meantime I developed some interest for historical tabletop instead of fantasy and switched to some Vikings from Foundry just for fun (not for playing). At the moment I started with the tabletop-system "DBA" and began painting a 15mm Viking army. Pictures of the first minis will be shown here soon too.

Keep on painting !