About Michael Jacobsen

what can be said about meω
well, a 40+ year old married man with two children living in northern germany.

i started off as a carpenter, and then spent 12 years in the german air force as a photo-interpreter. i am now employed by the german government in a regional court.
218200574344563First.jpgmy painting career started in the early eighties in a very traditional way. playing rpg┤s at that time i accidently found out that there were those tiny little men and i was infected.
my first painted miniature was a citadel thief which was very crudely painted with humbrols. oh yes, i still own the miniature. it is one of my best kept treasures...

after developing a far better painting style (still crude) i met karsten radzinski, who is an extremely talented painter. we both developed our painting style by trial and error and by reading the good old ┤eavy metal articles in the white dwarf magazines from theirá "golden aera". since then we have been working closely together and successfully attended some painting competitions in germany and great britain. some of the results can be seen here.

my favourite miniature lines are Citadel miniatures from the late eighties, anything sculpted by tom meier. recently i discovered my love for rackham miniatures as well as someádark age stuff.

due to several reasons i have not attended any painting competition for a while and i am not sure if i will do it in the future. at the moment i am much more interested in getting my miniatures painted for some tabletop gaming, which is hard enough to achieveω

thanks for your attention so far, enjoy the pictures and all the other things to discover here.



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i am a nice guy, i do not bite, just ask...