Mindenbrush painting

About Mindenbrush

Avid historical gamer that spends too much time painting for others when there is an ever expanding cupboard full of lead to paint for myself. That\'s life!!!!

From the early days of boxes of Airfix plastics my interest has been as much in the painting of the figures as in the gaming with them.

Growing up in the South of England I started wargaming when I was about 13 or 14 years old. As my parents had a farm there were plenty of outbuildings that I could use to set up a table and play - on my own........

1st set of rules were Bayonet for Napoleonics and they lasted for about 5 years as I can remember playing a game with a friend from college who beat me first time out!!!!.

I answered an advert in the Battle magazine and helped Bill Thurlow (of Society of Ancients fame) set up the South Dorset Military Society during the 70's.

I paint in the Kevin Dallimore / Steve Dean style using acrylic paints, mainly Foundry and Vallejo.

Now living in Montreal, Quebec, Canada and painting part of the lead pile.... ACW, M&T, SYW and F&F 15's along with some Frostgrave :-)


Practice makes perfect, or so they say...