It's alive...... | 2006-11-23 16:01:47


This is my fourth frigging blog, did you all know thatω

No, of course you don't -but that doesn't matter.

Today, the second of May in the year of the Lord 2006 (two-thousand and six), Motorway is present on 'Displaced miniatures'.

Actually I feel shit, I have some kind of nasty flue which forces me to stay at home in the present of a decent sewer device as I feel I might throw up anytime. Or worse. Even typing is a pain, or watching my monitor.

Please allow me to introduce myself: I is Motorway, my nickname on Frothers Unite!, TMP, the Forum of Doom, (actually it's 2468motorway there) and probably some more parts of the obscure.

My interest are mainly miniatures, painting, playing with them, and talking about them and talking to them. I also like history and Ancient Near East Languages with a preference for Akkadian. I also take part in discussions concerning the Holocaust and Holocaust Denial in the dutch and english speaking world, provided there's no censorship (which -alas leaves out the Denier boards-).

At present I am working on my goblin army for Fantasy Warriors...

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