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First post on this thing and getting ready for Origins. | 2006-04-30 01:58:44

Hello all;

Okay so I am finally getting around to getting something up on my Displaced Mini's site. First I would like to thank everyone out there that has supported Hawgleg and Gutshot!

Thank you for making it the success that it has been!

Secondly, I finally got around to getting my reservations to Origins. I'm lucky and am only a mile away from the Convention Center, which, isn't that bad, and I am only paying half the price of my friend and co-partner Mike Mitchell. And I would like to give a great big thumbs up to Southwest Airlines for the tickets that I bought, (and they were 45 bucks LESS this week than they were two weeks ago)!


I will be posting some fig pics up here real soon, for your review. I've been busy with work and school, and now that the semester is ending it's time for me to get back into gaming again.


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