Lead or Dead - Miniatures Painted by Neubauten

About Neubauten

Name: David Kirk

From: Deepest darkest Cornwall, UK

Why Dark Ages?

I was brought up a few miles from the site of the battle of Hingston Down (838AD)where the Cornish and their Viking allies were defeated by the Anglo Saxons, so the Dark Ages / Early Medieval period has always held a fascination for me. I first became interested in historical miniatures whilst living in exile in London in 1999 and chose 15mm because I paint quite slowly and space was limited back then.

Why Spanish Civil War?

I'm captivated by the colourful political background to the conflict, plus the incredibly diverse factions. And I really appreciate the break from painting chainmail and spears. I chose 20mm because there are more manufacturers offering SCW figures in this scale than in any other.