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About Optio_Bommel

I´m a wargamer from Germany ("Ruhrpott"). I collect Ancients, 18th Century, Napoleonics and WW2.

Since I was a young boy, i was interested in history, especially in the crises of the late roman republic. I feel enthusiastic about the rules of the smal city state can rule the powerfull senators. But then later, when rome becomes greater and the major power, the try of equality of rights of the senators get more and more out of order. Some new families and person tried to rule rome and the world. 

So it was natuarly for me to Play WAB with armies of these Times.

After some years i have begun to collect the other times... and so on.


2009: One Year, one man, one project!

After seeing the new Perry Plastik 1815 Figs and an interesting blog about General de Brigade and the Battle of Quatre Bras, I have a idea: one year I will only paint 1815 perry napoleonics and try to have Quatre Brea in 1:20.

Have a nice day!