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I've been modelling , painting and gaming for as long as I can remember. One thing I do enjoy is looking at other people's work. Sometimes you get to a point where you think " What can I do nextω" then "Bam!" you see something and think " Why didn't I think of thatω" If anything I've done gives someone else any ideas then feel free to use them! Most of my miniatures are 28mm but there are a few larger ones ( 54mm ). I love Modern Horror and Sci-fi but still have a soft spot for Fantasy stuff ( reminds me of my early D&D days). If anyone's got any questions on any of my minis feel free to ask. Due to clearing space for new projects some of the minis are no longer in my possession. I am not a business and do not sell anything to order.

Ideas however are free.


Pappa Midnight

So Much To Do With Such Little Time............