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9-24-05: Battle Report | 2005-09-24 11:58:15
 I took some pictures of a quick skirmish game that me and a buddy played out recently. These are home-brew rules based off of Blitkrieg Commander and Battlefront.
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9-5-05: Some Germans | 2005-09-05 11:13:22
 I added a couple pictures of my re-based Mid-War Germans to my 15mm WW2 gallery. Eventually you'll see some more of them and some of my Americans.
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9-3-05: Some Soviets | 2005-09-03 19:01:22
 I've delayed posting my game pictures in order to post that I've re-based 90% of my WW2 forces for Battlefront WW2. I can get involved in more games, quicker, and for longer periods of time by moving to this rule set. It's not as quick as FOW, but it works quite well, and requires half as many painted miniatures. (Which in turn translates to less weight and quicker assembly of armies.)

I'm also field testing Blitzkrieg Commander. It's looking to be a good ruleset, but with the small space I have, the size of my games are limited.

The first new images are of my Soviet stands. The picture was quickly taken and the bases themselves are unfinished, but it'll give you an idea of what they look like. Also, the picture does -no- justice to my paint job on the T-34.
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8-25-05: New Wargame Table | 2005-08-25 00:21:39
 I recently found a set of tables for sale at a local store and snatched them up. All together they can create a 4ft x 4ft space, or a 8ft x 2ft space. Plenty of room for wargaming either my 6mm or 15mm stuff.

I'm going to set up a game and take some pictures as soon as I have the space set up for play. Stay tuned.
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8-20-05: Two Austrian Pictures | 2005-08-20 14:10:50
 As promised I took a snapshot of a few more Austrian stands. Just the commander's stand and a troop stand with a mounted officer. Most of the other ones don't look any different from what is already in the gallery, but these two are more unique, so I figured I'd add them. 10mm French coming soon. I'm still deciding how I want to base them.

Also, if anyone could suggest a way of making convincing 6mm trees, I'm looking for some help on that matter.
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