FSS's Terrain for Wayward Minis

About Procopius
First off, many thanks to buddylee for hosting this site. An excellent idea for gamers, painters, collectors, etc. While not of figures, these pics show some of the 20mm resin pieces which I have made and 'decorated' under the FSS name. All these pieces (undecorated) are available from http://www.milmod-hobbies.com/Products/Fernvale%20Specialty%20Scenics.htm and we will be starting to do some custom 'decorated' pieces in the near future. If you like what you see, contact David at Milmod Hobbies and get an order in.
About 'Procopius'
Procopius is not my real name of course, but the nic I use on the TMP Message Boards.  The real Procopius was the Bohemian general who took over the Bohemian forces when Ziska died.  Procopius was successful in his defence against the Second Hussite Crusade where the Pope of the time roused the German knights to do his dirty work for him.  From what I have read, they went home (the ones left alive) with their tails between their legs, having lost 15,000 dead while only inflicting 30 deaths on the Hussites.  So much for the papal blessings they received before the Crusade! 
I live with my family in Fernvale, a small town about an hours drive west of Brisbane in the State of Queensland, Australia.  My spare time is taken up with making original 20mm defensive and terrain pieces and then casting them in resin after making the moulds.
"I love the smell of resin in the morning." - Apolyester Now!
Available direct from the manufacturer - Order Some Soon!  Just email fss.glynn@gmail.com