About Rhoderic

I'm one of those people who find it hugely inspirational to see other people's painted miniatures, so I figured I should start paying back and displaying my own work. So here I am.

Being a university student in my early twenties, I suppose I should point out a few things about myself. Firstly, I don't have a lot of any resource (especially money or space) to pour into this hobby, so I like my projects to be fairly undemanding. This tends to mean either skirmish games in 28mm, such as the games from Rattrap Productions, or "micro" scale gaming with easily painted miniatures, such as Aeronef, spaceship battles and sci-fi microtanks. I'm too impatient to do any large armies, anyway. Secondly, I kind of belong at one extreme end of the wargamers' spectrum in regards to "old school" and "new school". I find some periods such as Napoleonics and ACW all too stuffy, and am always going to like, say, cyberpunk more than historical gaming. Well... maybe not always, come back and see me after 20 years.

When I paint my miniatures, it's usually just to a gaming standard, so that's what you'll be seeing here. I aim to game with my miniatures now, rather than be able to proudly display them with immaculate paintjobs for the rest of my life.