Rob Alderman's Miniature Painting

About Rob_Alderman

I'm what would be considered a 'young' gamer these days. As a wargamer, I feel its much more about the Hobby than the gaming itself (Perhaps this is because of the 'tactics' I choose to use never working). I am gradually learning the techniques of the business and have mastered many of these, in my opinion at least.

I started gaming in 98 really, properly. At the age of 8. When I said young, I meant young! Started going to a club in 2001, incredibly friendly club invites all ages (10+) to join in. This club is, Better known as Abingdon Wargames Club in Oxfordshire.

I play and paint many models, most models I paint don't actually meet a gameboard more than once, but I do try. I generally enjoy painting fantasy more than historics because of that 'freedom' when painting them. To let my mind flow. I have painted historics, sometimes I enjoy the research, but I usually only do research for 'Historo-Fantasy' miniatures such as Flintloque or Panzefauste.

Anyway, please, have a look, throw some comments at me and enjoy what I do!

Photos of Miniature paintjobs are my Personal works, please do not use them without my consent. Thank you.