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Painting, comissions, Toads, Orcish Brits and a bunch of midgets. | 2007-03-03 14:47:18

Yep you heard it.

Not to mention my exams being the bane of my current life, I have a comission of 6 Samurai to finish, 4 of which are done. I am painting up some AA flintloque Toads and some Orc brits. I am also slowly working through some Mid-Nor dwarves for Confrontation.


I have just sent off an article to EM-4 Miniatures, hopefully enough to make the difference and buy some new paint, Vallejo that I hear so much about.

Speaking of which, P3 looks amazing, Rackham paints look good for the pastel tones, but a bit too thick and then theres the new GW 'foundation' paints, 18 for 30, red and yellows go over blacks in just 2 coats supposedly! I am going to check these out as currently, wierdly, they are the cheapest option (when they come out of course).

I am hopeful that after Overlord I can make some money and finally order the remainder of my Warmachine army.

Anyway, thanks for reading this quick entry, more to come over the time. I'm aiming at weekly installments!

Rob A.

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