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November 2010 | 2010-11-15 05:35:31

Quick update of pictures..carry on....

Caco | 2013-12-29 12:19:39
 Aroma is my favourite rursaetant in London. After my husband and I visited the Mediterranean on our honeymoon a few years ago, we could no longer stand poorly imitated Mediterranean food. Aroma is the only rursaetant that does the cuisine justice, the ambiance is beautiful, and Felipe is always the most delightful host! Cooking school is great fun, too!

Adams | 2013-12-30 09:12:31
 Overall RatingFoodServiceAtmospherePrice/ValueRomanceSuitable for ChildrenThere are a lot of exotic food ceciohs. Try a little of everything because you will be surprised. There is also a kid's buffet station with more common foods (i.e., mac and cheese). Some of the different ceciohs include watermelon rind salad (sounds weird, but it's very good), crusted prime rib, coconut curry seafood stew (really tasty and one of my favorites), different varieties of hummus and lavosh, and other salads. Desserts include cassava cake, zebra domes, and cookies and brownies for the kids.Be Sure to Try: Try a little of everything. I try something new each time I go and am usually pleasantly surprised. The zebra domes are delicious.General tips: Definitely make sure you have an ADR because this place gets very crowded. We went at 5 and the buffet line gets very backed up. There is only one. After I went through the first time, I skipped the meats (which is where most of the line is) and just went to the other stations without having to wait in the long line. TheMouseForLess tips: Reasonable as part of the DDP, a lot of interesting food ceciohs that you wouldn't normally get to eat. The atmosphere is great. Be sure to visit the animals on property before or after your meal. The hotel is a very short bus ride from Animal Kingdom.

Len | 2015-11-29 04:43:06
 並唔係幻海奇情!真係有得再上,上面有個花園咁0既野, 有d sunbathing chrias, picnic 就perfect! 上面環境簡直冇得頂, 360度望哂個景! 但平時唔開的,it's for corporate events and private parties! love the view there!

Matthieu | 2015-11-30 02:11:48
 so, i made these, both in small sized muffins and in the large ones i got from the rstiegry! they were both great! even tho, i was a bit surprised that the muffin texture is almost like angel food cake-y gone dense. i know that sounds like a mouthfull. it is very moist and yummy tasting. but maybe the whiteness of the cake freaked me out. i am used to brownish more muffin texture like muffins. hubby on the other hand LOVED them. had three for breakfast :)

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