About Stunties

Greetings: The Dwarves of the Lead Mountains bid you welcome!
www.stunties.com   ..............
We are seriously trying to illustrate examples of all Dwarves made
for gaming/roleplaying, from the earliest, up to the present day.
To try and give as much information as we can, to help collectors
and players, in their search for Dwarves.
Some Gnomes and Halflings are here too.
There are trade links, for anyone interested.
All Dwarves displayed reside at Stunties, and if anyone should need
an alternate view, we could help.
We would be very grateful for any help in locating other Dwarves,
hiding out there in obscurity, and will buy or trade in order to
secure them.
For example; is there anyone with unknown Dwarves in their
collection ? As these strays could be of great interest to us, and
could serve to throw some light on forgotten brands of long ago.
Please tell us about them.
Could you help with letting us know who the sculptor was ? when they
were made ? if there are more ? if you have pics or an advert for
some not covered....... please help

Finally enjoy.......... Boki Gromdal