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Full Web Site My name is Tracy Brady. I am practicing the art of miniature painting, and have a passion for bits of small metal and Resin. In the daytime I own a gardening company called "The Plantsā?? Loving Doctor Corporation". My Husband Todd and I Garden large estate gardens on the shores of the Gulf of Mexico here in Largo, FL. With a view that most people go on vacation to enjoy, I considermyself blessed. And after 25 years (or so) of practice in the gardening art form I get paid for making mud pies. I paint late at night or over the weekends with my daughter (Becca) and sometimes my son (Stefen) and, Hubby Todd. Thanks for taking the time and I hope you enjoy the work. Visit the GALLERY for a complete view of my Works. The Progress shots are photos of Miniatures I am currently Painting My family has created a project called 'works of heart' With our friends and fine people at coolminiornot. The goal is to auction of painted miniatures on ebay with the proceeds going to second harvest .