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Historicon WAB AOC pics added | 2005-07-27 08:37:20
 I have added a new Gallery containg pictures from the Historicon 05 Warhammer Ancients Battles Armies of Chivalry tournamaent. These are mostly from my first two games as the third game's pictures really did not come out to well. I need to get a bipod or tripod for the next convention. This was the first out of three tournaments that I have attended that there was an Armies of Chivalry division. My record was 1-1-1. I ended up coming in second place out of six. For more information for the WAB Tournaments at the HMGS East cons you should check out this site: http://wabnews.com/ If time permits I will write a brief battle report for the games I played in at the tournament.
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Quick Hello | 2005-07-26 12:27:26
 Just set up my account and will have some Historicon Warhammer Ancients Armies of Chivalry Tournament pictures up tonight. Following that I will put up some of my building and terrain projects.
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