The Project - Dwarf Army | 2005-01-24 11:01:16

Taking a queue from lots of painters out there, I'm finally going to actually get into the practice of painting regularly. I'm also going to try and finish the project I started way back when I first started painting. The very first batch of minis I bought was the old Game Workshop Warhammer Fantasy Warriors Box Set of plastics.

Each sprue had an orc, a goblin archer, a dwarf, an elf archer, a dark elf, and another I can't think of.

I fell in love with the dwarfs and ended up tearing them off the sprues and painting them up in old testor's. They have since been stripped and painted at least once more. But over the years I just accumulated Dwarfs. I played them in WHFB 5th Ed. But haven't played the game since.

At this point, I'm going to paint up an army that I want rather than a legal army according to the newest set of WHFB rules.

So as I begin, let me thank BuddyLee for the opportunity to use this space. And also let me thanks my beloved for having the patience with my fatass for fiddling with my little toy soldiers on a regular basis. She's the bestest.

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