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Well, I'm back online | 2007-11-29 11:44:44

Yep....after a very long time out of the picture, due to redundancy in March (After 15 years with the same employer), E and I losing our home in June due to the floods and other more personal crises, I've finally managed to pick myself up, dust myself off and start getting some time to o some painting again.

Progress will be as painfully slow as ever, but hey.  Who caresω

I'll update the news as and when new piccies become available

For now, Take Care


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Hello and First piccie posted | 2006-01-24 12:02:18

Update 18:08 24/01/2006

Yep, in a statling flurry of activity I've managed to get a mini painted in less than a month (Usually takes in excess of 6 months) so I've added it to the gallery.

This one's a Warmachine Merc Renegade  .

Now I'm off to do some more painting :)

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