Tone's On-line mini gallery

About Tonester

 I'm Tone,  Old bugga with a 5 year old little boy.

I started mini painting again, some years ago as a sort of therapy and coping strategy when my wife was suffering with cancer.  Sort of a "Me time" thing, in amongst the chaos that was our lives.

Anyway, fast forwarding on.  I kept up with the mini painting, after losing my wife, as it kept me out of trouble and was/is something to do in the evenings once my son's in bed.

I'm a slow painter, I don't game, so I paint for the fun of the painting itself.  I'm no longer too bothered about being the dogs 'nads with painting, just as long as I enjoy it, then it's been a succesful paintjob :).

Feel free to have a look round, post comments or just say 'Ello.