The Fantastic Worlds Of Grenadier and More

About arkhamhouse101
I started collecting lead miniature gaming figures round 1978/1979 - the same time I began role-playing AD&D (yes, Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: I went straight to the heavy stuff at the tender age of 12!). I was getting too old to play with my Star Wars and Micronaut figures, etc., but I still loved interacting with the sci-fi and fantasy games and figures of the time, and needed an alternative for my maturing years and never ceasing vivid imagination. The discovery of role-playing games and lead gaming figures was exactly what I needed. Out of all I saw in the hobby stores back then, Grenadier Models was the company that impressed me the most, as well as was the most widely distributed and available. Grenadier was also responsible for producing official lines for the two RPGs I enjoyed playing the most at the time: AD&D and Gamma World. Looking back today, I still love this company, more than any other, for both nostalgic reasons and reasons of product imagination and quality. In fact my love for this company's figures and products recently manifested itself in the form of a book, The Fantastic Worlds Of Grenadier (available on eBay), which I produced all on my own, including the researching, writing, layout, publishing and distributing. But that's not to say I don't appreciate the miniatures of other companies. Ral Partha was and is also another favourite of mine - despite the rather effeminate castings and styles, and lack of individual sculptor character. Heritage figures - although not as well-sculpted/detailed as most Grenadier and Partha figures - is also a favourite, capturing the imagination and character that is the essence of fantasy gaming figures. And while I don't care much for TSR's initial line of figures in the early 1980s, I loved the TSR game Star Frontiers and its official line of figures. And when Ral Partha teamed with TSR in later years, many superb figures were produced in the AD&D line. In my gallery you will find examples of many of these companies' figures, as well as some of my favourite figures from these companies - all of which I painted.